Tire Blown Out? Blow Out Tire? Call Our Product Liability Law Firm!

Tire Blown Out? Blow Out Tire? Call Our Product Liability Law Firm!

Tire blowouts, tread separation and tire explosions are a dangerous phenomena that can quickly cause a vehicle to lose control, sometimes resulting in a rollover crash. While there are many factors tied to tire blowouts and tread separation, the results can be fatal and life transforming. If you are injured in Webster, Texas, you should hire a personal injury attorney for your case.

Blow Out Tire Failure: Who’s to Blame?

While tread separation and blow out tire accidents may not always be associated with manufacturer or design defects, in situations where a bad product injures the occupants of a vehicle or sparks a multi-vehicle collision, auto and tire manufacturers must be held responsible.

Data, improving technology and emerging information have provided tire manufacturers and auto makers seeking products for their vehicles, with the necessary data to create a safe, quality product that will protect consumers in contrast with placing them in harms way.

Highway speeds, larger SUV’s and trucks and more time spent on interstates and highways make tires a vital aspect of vehicle safety. But while auto makers and consumers alike are aware of the importance of safe, well-made tires, safety advocates still point out ways that manufacturers are cutting corners in an effort to protect their own bottom line in contrast with safeguarding consumers, drivers and passengers.

What Causes Tread Separation and BlowOut Tire Failure?

The quality of the materials comprising auto equipment is an important determinant of its safety. The type of rubber and the method used to manufacture a tire is important to its function and scrimping or cutting corners can result in tire recalls, blowout accidents, rollover crashes and serious collision.

In addition to poor manufacturing practices and low-quality materials, the age of a tire is also a vital factor in its performance. Recent investigations by the media revealed the how important it is for retailers to offer consumers tires that have not reached their expiration dates, even if the tires are not used or have never been used before. In fact, studies showed that brand new tires that had never been used before were still at risk of blowing out or losing tread if the rubber was aged or had become old.

A tire blowout accident, rollover crash resulting and tread separation wreck have differences from other kinds of crashes and collision because of the role that the tire itself, the manufacturer, retailers and auto maker has in the product’s safety. Manufacturers and retailers have a responsibility to provide buyers and the people using their products with a safe good that will not cause them harm. Manufacturers to do not meet such standards must be held accountable for bad products and the resulting injuries and loss.

Experienced Tire Blowout Lawyers and Tread Separation Attorneys You Can Trust

Our Webster personal injury attorneys are familiar with the minute details associated with auto product liability cases. Because we understand blow out tire accidents, roof crush and auto product liability law suits and have experience with them, we have become knowledgeable advocates for our clients, who have been injured or lost a loved one as a result of a failed auto product.